Where to buy cheap and reasonable quality stuff in China through the internet?  Check out the following online shopping websites recommended by Rong. Taobao Everyone in China knows Taobao and it sells everything. “Chinese eBay” Set up in 2003, Taobao is the biggest online shopping platform in China, accounting for over 80% of domestic online […]

Online shopping is an easy and convenient way to buy things. It will save you time and money. When you study in China, you can try to buy things on China’s online website. I’ll tell you how to buy things online and give you the tips on getting big discount. There are many online shopping […]

To many global investors, bonds from China’s property sector are toxic nuclear waste, not to be touched at any cost. To others, they come with a more pragmatic “handle with care” warning. I belong to the latter camp. From just a handful of bonds 10 years ago, the sector has grown to contribute 9.5% of […]

With the festive season on the run, ethnic fashion for kids in India seem to be on the role recently. Parents just love the idea of introducing ethnicity to the child’s wardrobes. It helps infuse the feeling of a true Indian in the youngest generation. They allow their attire speak of culture and tradition and […]

Segway is fun, more and more people choosed a segway for their daily life. A new site can be seen in towns and cities all over the world at the moment in the form of small electric scooters being used as personal transportation devices. People are finding that a balance scooter in the perfect way […]

In the beginning of 2015, President Xi of China and President Obama announced an historic agreement committing our two countries to dramatic action in the fight against climate change. This April, as a critical part of that commitment, leaders in government and business took an important step to realize that agreement: a trade mission to […]

A Self-Balancing Scooter, sometimes known as a ‘Hoverboard Scooter’, is a 2 wheel automatic balancing rover which allows the user to move like they were on a segway while only using their feet to control the device. Borrowing most of its technology from the modern segway,  this scooter is a smaller, carry-on option for the […]